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5. One of our project managers will work closely with you throughout the construction process to keep you informed. Although each pool is its own unique project, our goal is to meet the timelines for completion of every homeowner we serve. 

4. Upon completion of your final design and an agreed-upon contract, Keywize Pools will obtain the permits necessary to begin the construction phase of your backyard dream. Keywize will also provide you with 2D plans, renderings, and/or material images, as necessary to obtain HOA approval.

1. One of our professional designers will visit you at your home to gather information about what you wish to accomplish:

  • What kind of pool do you want?
  • How will the pool be used?
  • What do you want your backyard to look like?
  • How soon would you like to get started?

Then we'll measure the yard, consider the location for sunlight and usability, and make sure that you understand all of the available options. In this initial consultation, we listen carefully so that we can incorporate your dreams and your vision into the design of an elegant and functional backyard oasis.



3. Keywize Pools offers you a showroom to make all of the final decisions for your backyard dream. You’ll be able to see and touch all of the options, details, and features for your pool. Our showroom displays a wide range of waterline tile, pool equipment, decking from travertine to acrylic lace to pavers in a number of colors and styles. 

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2. Shortly after the initial consultation, your custom design will be completed and ready for review. Using CAD-based design and advanced 3D modeling software, we will show you what your new pool will look like in amazing detail. 

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​​Keywize Pool Professionals will work with you to unlock the backyard dream that fits within your budget. We realize sometimes your budget includes utilizing financing. Below are some financing companies that we partner with to help clients reach their dream:

Credit Union West - 602-631-3290

HFS Financial - 1-800-254-9560

Lyon Financial - 877-754-5966